​World Law Forum Conference on Modern Slavery

​World Law Forum Conference on Modern Slavery


Slavery did not end with abolition in the 19th century. Slavery continues today and harms people in every country in the world, including Australia. Women forced into prostitution. People forced to work in agriculture, domestic work and factories. Children in sweatshops producing goods sold globally. Entire families forced to work for nothing to pay off generational debts. Girls forced to marry older men. These are all instances of Modern Slavery.

Modern Slavery is a crime which almost always goes unpublished, unreported or is seldom talked about. Since the abolition of the Slavery int he 19th Century, it has taken a new shape and it is a pressing need for us to discuss it and find reform measures. This conferences provides a unique platform of discussion and debates for key stakeholders interested in this area to address the issue which is on a rise in various forms.


Jun 29 2018


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