​World Law Forum Conference on Sustainability and Environment | The Belt and Road & Greater Bay Area |

​World Law Forum Conference on Sustainability and Environment | The Belt and Road & Greater Bay Area |


As an international finance centre and a leading city within the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”), Hong Kong plays a prominent role in supporting Mainland China’s opening up to the world and its delivery of the Belt and Road Initiative (“BRI”). BRI not only facilitates economic development in developing countries through both state and privately financed infrastructure projects e.g. roads, rails, airports, seaports, energy pipelines etc., but also promotes multilateralism and political, social and cultural connectivity amongst 60+ countries. Similarly, GBA encourages collaboration amongst the 11 identified cities and furthers integration of Hong Kong, the global super-connector of trade and investment into Mainland China. In line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), sustainability, “ecological conservation” and green development are at the core of both GBA and BRI, presenting significant opportunities to Hong Kong and the international business community. However, concerns regarding the impact of GBA and BRI on our environment and livelihood and the comprehensiveness of regulatory frameworks to hold different stakeholders accountable, especially for less developed countries remain. This conference will bring together lawyers, legislators, academics and representatives from businesses, environmental organisations and government to explore the multi-facets of sustainability and environment in Hong Kong and beyond.


  • Greater Bay Area: Opportunities and Challenges of Sustainable Development and Environment
  • Green Belt and Road Development: “Ecological Civilisation” and the Law
  • Protection of Environment under Domestic Laws, International Investment Law and Investment Arbitration
  • Third Party Funding and Public Interest Litigation for Environmental Cases
  • Safety and Sustainability: Agriculture, Food and Water  
  • Sustainability and Environment: New ideas, Innovation and Technology
  • Sustainability and Environment: ​Financing and Insurance


Jul 18 2019


All Day


Hong Kong