​World Law Forum Conference on Fashion Sustainability

​World Law Forum Conference on Fashion Sustainability

​World Law Forum Conference on Fashion Sustainability


A sustainable future requires the fashion industry to say no to modern slavery and collectively contribute to the protection of our planet. According to UN Climate Change, textile and apparel production emissions will rise more than 60% by 2030. According to the International Labour Organization, more than 25 million people globally are subject to forced labour and bonded labour, slavery in supply chains, child labour and the exploitation of migrant workers in conditions amounting to slavery.
As the fashion capital of the world, Paris is home to the Paris Agreement and robust transparency legislations aimed at tackling forced labour in global supply chains. The French government is determined to stamp out modern slavery and reduce the environmental impact of the global fashion industry through the introduction of the G7 Fashion Pact and Vigilance Plan.
This conference will bring together experts from various different fields and facilitate a discussion focussing on fashion, environmental sustainability, business and human rights and a better future.


  • The Human Cost of Fashion and Luxury Goods
  • The Present and Future of Human Rights and Environment Due Diligence
  • Establishing a Trustworthy, Transparent and Traceable Supply Chain
  • From “Fast” to “Precision”: Consequences of Offshoring VS Nearshoring
  • Impact of Technology & Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion and Luxury Sector
  • Sustainable Sourcing and Manufacturing: Anti-Pollution and Reduction of Plastic & Carbon Footprint
  • Circular Economy and Innovation: Upcycling and Recirculation


27 Jan 2020


All Day