World Law Forum is an independent, non-partisan, international community of change-makers committed to promoting the rule of law and transforming the world through law.

We are committed to reducing the disparity between communities, increasing access to justice, and facilitating conflict resolution and peacemaking by uniting a new generation of collaborators and leaders within and beyond the legal profession through advocacy, education, innovation, and research.

Our Vision

​The Forum envisions a positive transformation in the world through legal reform. We believe that the law is fundamental in shaping the world of tomorrow and achieving uniform growth across regions as well as increasing access to justice. WLF establishes itself as a bridge between governments, corporates, individuals and the legal profession.

Our Mission

The Forum is commited to being an independent and global platform promoting trust and openness among diverse communities so as to enable enriching discussions and debates. We act as a catalyst in expanding this forum of trust and openness into a world of shared values and mutual respect for each other.